ACI Color Bleach 500ml


ACI Color Bleach is used on clothes to restore colors, not just whites without worrying about color fading.

Product Features

• Remove dirty grimes
• Gives long lasting freshness
• Boost vibrant colors and restores radiant whites

Usage Information

For Ordinary Stains:
Apply directly to tough stains. Rub in and set 5-10 minutes.
Do not allow product to dry.
Wash as usual with detergent and Color Bleach.
For Stubborn Stains:
Mix 1 cap of Aci Color Bleach with 1 quarter water and soak it for 60 minutes.
Wash as usual with normal detergent and Aci Color Bleach.
To Brighten Colors:
Pour Aci Color Bleach in every load with detergent.

Safety Instructions

Store in cool and dry place
Keep out of reach of children and pets

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Colored Fabric brightener with an ability to remove hard and dirtiest grimes without color fading. It makes your clothes soft, smooth and great to wear, adds a long-lasting freshness to your clothes.


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